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thaichix-com-777.jpg thaichix-com-778.jpg thaichix-com-779.jpg thaichix-com-780.jpg thaichix-com-781.jpg I was born in Tokyo Japan on 17th of December. I've lived most of my life in Japan, but spent my high school years and part of my college years in the States. That's where I learned to speak English and developed a love for singing. After spending two years in college, I went back to Japan where I began to work on a career as a singer. I got to the point where I was doing some studio work, but that was not my idea of a singing career. After several negative experiences, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth for the music industry in Japan. At this point, I met my husband, which is why I moved to Central Florida where I've been living for the past 2 years.

One day, my good friend told me about this web site where you can post nude pictures of yourself and have people vote for you from all over the world. I've always been a big fan of nude pictures as art. I've also liked myself with out clothes better than wearing something over my body. I wished that the world was open enough to have nude as fashion on the streets. Anyway, I was still not too serious about it at first, but when I told my husband about it he jumped on it! He found his chance to prove to me that I can be a model. Nude model! There's an idea I never really considered. He did a very nice job of taking pictures of me and we posted those up. Then the magic happened! The first month we ever put my pictures up there, I won first place and won $1000.00!! I just couldn't believe it!! But you know what? I had to believe it. This was the reality. No more being a little pussy. I had to act upon it...

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